New artist, Leon Oks, at the gallery

Tatiana & Julia Grant - owners of the gallery have different cultural background:

Tatiana graduated from Moscow State University, obtaining a Master’s degree in Art history, while Julia completed her education in the United States, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree at Hunter College an Appraisal certificate from NYU.

The gallery came into existence with the grand opening exhibition featuring a Spanish painter from Barcelona, Pedro Pacheco. Within the first year, the gallery held ten solo shows, mostly of artists from Europe and Russia. Thereafter, the curator of the gallery, Julia Grant, began to view portfolios of artists of other nationalities, including American painters and sculptors. Currently, the gallery represents more then 30 artists from all over the world – all incredibly talented, well educated and successful.

As the Grant Gallery continued to grow and prosper, it required more space to exhibit the multifaceted creativity of their artists. On the eve of September 11th, 2001 the gallery relocated to the beautiful landmark building in SOHO. Wanting to lift the spirits of New York and honor the heroism of the city, the gallery hosted an event to commemorate the six month anniversary of September 11th. On March 11th, 2002, six artists represented by the gallery joined together in the creation of a mural that depicted the sky line of New York. The mural “We Will Never Forget” was endorsed by Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of the USSR, when he visited the Grant Gallery after his visit to Ground Zero. Following its creation, the mural was exhibited in a Lobby Gallery in Midtown Manhattan for three months, before becoming part of the permanent collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Russia. The names of the artists are Ray Fiero, Vasily Kafanov, Elena Sarni, Jan Schoonover, Brad Noble and Kay Lin.

Welcome to the Grant Gallery !

In the last twelve years we have exhibited and introduced new artists of a multitude of movements, styles and media. These talented creators have come from all over the world, revealing the influence of their cultures, and personal experiences. The gallery’s innovative approach to the art world of New York is refreshing. We represent both young as well as established artists. We are granting them exposure in New York and at the same time granting New York a chance to encounter these incredibly talented artists. After 15 years in the heart of Soho, New York the gallery moved to another location continuing to work BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY. Please call 646-266-1751 to schedule an appointment. Please view our website and discover TRUE ART.

Tatiana Grant