Maria Vladimirova

In 1988, Maria Vladimirova graduated from the Moscow State Art Academy named after Surikov with a degree from the Department of Painting. It was there that she was fortunate enough to acquire a fundamental knowledge of art; moreover, her study during the years of "Perestoika," the so-called Second Thaw under Gorbachev, brought her in contact with a vast knowledge of contemporary art and the freedom of modern painting. She has been exhibiting her works since 1887 and is a frequent participant in the group exhibitions arranged in Moscow, Rome, Leningrad, and Sofia.

Her works are filled with life and spiritually, an end result of the artist’s layering of inspiration and talent. Vladimirova achieves surprisingly harmonious correlations between the concepts of the Planets and the Cosmos through her mastery of conception, sensuality, the magic of symbols, and the refinement of her color palette. Compositionally, her paintings are defined by her sense of rationality and the monumentality of the images figured forth upon the canvas. When combined, these elements allow the viewer to penetrate the fascinating and mysterious world of Nature and to understand the past or the future of the planets.

This artist’s work is not limited to a single artistic trend; instead, she has canvases developed in black and white that could be describe as belonging to the minimalist canon as well as certain canvases that exhibit a storm of colors. Her work is best described as synthetic: almost every on of her pictures synthesizes elements of fantastic realism, surrealism, and neo-expressionism. As far back as twenty years ago, the sculptor Ernst Neizvestny mentioned to me in an interview that, in his opinion, an epoch of synthesis would arrive by the end of the century. For almost a century art has been cut into separate parts, and the works of Maria Vladimirova convey a refreshing synergy or and union between the seemingly disparate categories of modern art. Above all, her works are a testament to and persistent demonstration of the limitless capacities of painting.

Solo Exhibitions:

2007-present Grant Gallery, SOHO, New York

1996 Central House of Artists, ILBI gallery, Moscow, Russia

1995 Giorgi Gallery, Berkley, California

1993 Sovart Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

1992 "Women Artists of Moscow", Central House of Artists, Moscow Russia

1991 Peresvetov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia


Red Still Life

35"x47" Oil on Canvas

Still Life in White

31.5"x31.5" Oil on Canvas

Rose Ritual Vessel

23.5"x27.5" Oil on Canvas

Parallel Spaces

Oil on Canvas
25.5"x53.5" 1998

Green Ritual Vessel

23.5"x27.5" Oil on Canvas

Blue Ritual Vessel

23.5"x27.5" Oil on Canvas

A Bird and a Jug

27.5"x35" Oil on Canvas

The Shell with the Bird

40"x40" Oil on Canvas

Three Sea Shells

35.5"x39" Oil on Canvas

Fragment of Ornament

36"x36" Oil on Canvas